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• We are pleased to welcome you at our libraries. During the opening hours you have access to all the documents in our libraries.

• To borrow from the library you must be registered. The registration is free and valid for all the six libraries in our city.

• To register for a library card, valid indentification documents must be presented.

• Underage visitors need the permission of their parents or legal guardians and valid identification documents (passport or familiy register).

• You can borrow up to 20 documents at a time. The loan period is normally 4 weeks.

• Loans are to be returned by the expiry date of the loan period or you may ask for a renewal of the due dates. If the items don‘t have hold request by other users, you can extend the due dates of borrowed items following this link :

• You may return borrowed media in all the libraries of the city or use the return boxes located at Pierre Bayle and aux Tilleuls. There is open access to the return boxes 24/7.

• You can borrow following documents: books, magazines, newspapers, bilingual books, language textbooks, CDs and DVDs.

• Please take care of the documents. Documents that are lost or damaged are put on borrower‘s account.

• The registration also provides you daily access to the Internet for 90 minutes. Your user identification: the six numbers of your library card (without the 000 at the beginning). Your password: the first letter of your last name, the first letter of your first name, your month of birth in two numbers and your year of birth in two numbers. For example: John Smith born in April 2001: sj0401. The user identification and password shouldn‘t be transferred to others.

We sincerely hope that you will like our offer.

We are looking forward to your visit.